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Course Syllabi from around the world (suggestions and additions needed). Note that many people change their syllabi web addresses and so many of the links may be out of date. Don't give up. Try going to the person's home page and look for an undated link.

In addition to these specific course syllabi, there are a number of websites that provide information of particular use to personality researchers:

IDANET Individual Differences and Assessment Network is "a mailbase administered network for students, academic researchers and professionals involved in the definition, theory, and measurement of individual differences. The net members are drawn from the areas of experimental, clinical, and educational research, encompassing fields as diverse as psychophysiological assessment, psychometrics, personality theory and measurement, and cognitive ability. The range of specialisations encompassed within individual differences research provides for a rather wider content area than most other nets. However, that is why individual differences research remains so interesting."