Psychology 205: Research Methods in Psychology
Spring, 2005

205, Spring, 2005 Outline
Version of April 27, 2005 (keep looking for updates!)
Supplementary Studies*
For readings on the PMC server, use name=psych, pw=psych
Week 1

March 29
Introduction and Overview (or pdf)
Statistical and Experimental Inference
Take home statistical quiz (do problems 1-2) review statistics from 201
Leary: Chapter 1, 2
Data collection (in class)
Data recording
March 30 Reasoning in Research (pdf)
Review of statistical concepts
Roediger and McDermott Leary Chapter 3
introduction to R
Descriptive statistics using R
simulating distributions (optional)
Week 2
April 4
Overview of Design (pdf) (includes preliminary results) Chapter 8
April 6 Theory Testing in Experimentation (pdf)
Writing a research paper
APA Manual of Style see also the APA style FAQ
Web based style guides by Dewey or by Plonsky as well as the U.W. writing center's guide
Leary Chapter 15
Week 3
April 11
Variables in Experimentation
Within Subject designs
Stats homework, solutions using R
better answer set coming soon
Leary Chapter 4

April 13
Experimental Control
(see alsoBetween subject designs (pdf) )

Leary Chapter 9, 10
Week 4 April 18 Artifacts in Experimentation R & M study results new! - lecture notes of results (new)
more complete notes to be added soon./a>) Leary Chapter 5, 6

April 20
Mid Term 1
Sample test
Week 5 April 25 Design in Experimentation
Measurement Issues
measurement and scaling (pdf)

April 27
Correlational designs (reliability) pdf (revised) materials used in R & M study
writing a research paper
Paper 1
Appointments for paper grading
Week 6
May 2
Interaction designs and analysis
subject variables
Anderson and Revelle, 1994
see also Revelle, 1993
arousal theories
Leary Chapter 11
May 4
Subject variables
Simulations as theory testing

Supplementary readings are now available:
Revelle, Humphreys, Simon and Gilliland, 1980 (this gives some of the EPI items to measure impulsivity and
Revelle, Anderson, and Humphreys, 1987 (very large file) also see Revelle, 1993 (reviews Thayer's results and discusses performance)
Experiment -2

For Mac users, you may down load this to run at home Data collection
Week 7
May 9
Exploratory and Confirmatory
data analysis
Systat Guide
Simple guide to R
Using the library research tools
May 11 Researching the literature
using Social Science Citation Index
Pitfalls in scientific research
(use an NU account/VPN or a proxy server)
Psych Lit
and the Social Science Citation Index
Week 8
May 16
Ethics in Research
Alternatives to Experimentation

Ethical Standards of APA 2002
On Being a Scientist (NAS) Leary Chapter 14 Leary Chapter 12 , 13
Paper 2
May 18 Advanced statistical procedures Experiment 2 results Research Proposals due
Week 9
May 23
sources of error
other kinds of designs
Summary (summary.pdf)

May 25
Midterm 2
Week 10
May 30
No Class- memorial day Analyze study 3

June 1
Analyze study 3 appointments for analysis help
Finals Week
June 7
course evaluation (CTEC) Paper 3 due
Optional Final Exam
*Classic studies and the other assigned readings are to be read before class so that class discussion can focus on the readings. They will either be handed out in class on the day prior to discussion or, more likely, added to the syllabus.
William Revelle
March 27, 2005.