Parts of the Clark-Scripps--Revelle-Dougan families have been North America since about 1630-1640. Rebecca Towne Nurse moved with her family to Salem, Massachussetts before 1640 and was a very respectable citizen of Salem. Rebecca and two of her sisters, Mary Estey and Sarah Bridges were falsely accused of witchcraft in 1692. Rebecca and her sister Mary Towne Estey, were hung during the trials and another sister, Sarah Towne Bridges, was accused but acquitted.

James Mogg Scripps was an unsuccessful book binder in England who moved with his family to Illinois around 1800. His children went on to start newspapers throughout the country and to endow several great research institutions.

Randall Revell was one of the early settlers (c1638) of what was to become Maryland. One of his descendants went on to found the University of California, San Diego.

Ella Dougan's family moved to Canada in the 1840's and eventually settled in the Vancouver and Seattle region.

Prepared as part of the history of the Scripps, Clark, Revelle>, and Dougan families by William Revelle.
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