Individual Differences in personality and motivation:
'Non-cognitive' determinants of cognitive performance

Presented as part of a symposium:
Attention: Selection, awareness and control
A tribute to Donald Broadbent
Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Oxford
September 18-20, 1991
Baddeley, A. & Weiskrantz, L. (Eds.) (1993). Attention: selection, awareness and control: A tribute to Donald Broadbent. Oxford. Oxford University Press. pp 346-373

Levels of analysis and the psychological spectrum.
Individual differences in motivation and performance
Motivational states: Affective valence and intensity
Personality,motivation, and performance
Personality,vigilance and continuous performance
Personality and non vigilance increments and decrements
Theoretical organization of results
Motivation as a control process.
Theories of individual differences
Reference list