Psychophysiological Factors

"I propose to define the psychology of personality as the study of traits. I argue against both social and biological conceptions of personality in the context of the psychological subdiscipline of personality."

"Most of the research with humans on the biological basis of personality has come from the filed oif psychophysiology, primarily because these non-invasive bioelectrical recordings techniques are more accessible to psychologists than biochemical methods" (Zukerman, 1991, p.133). Fahrenberg (1994) proposes that the activation processes are,

Fahrenber states that personality traits and abilities,

Fahrenberg challendes that psychophysiological personality research is in need of critical reevaluation of traditional research questions and methodology. "Empirical evidence indicates that we need multimodal assessments, i.e., multi-method and multisituation data to depict an individual's patterned behavior in the relevant context of the laboratory, clinic, or field" (p.331). Fahrenberg concludes that constitutional research that relates temperament, physiological-biochemical features, and physique has a long but disapointing history. "Empirically, the assumed psychomorphological as well as psychophysiological and psychochemical correlation proved to be generally low, and inconsistent at best"(p.331)

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